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Worst Experience of My Life

About two years ago, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I went there with my mother, my sister, and many more. I had family who lives there. We went there to attend our relative's wedding. We went there by plane. We spent time there about one week.
Although we attended the wedding, we also had so much fun.We went to many tourist attractions such as Sunway Lagoon, KLCC, and many more. Time was going fast and it's the time we go home. 

Our plan was going home by plane. We already had the tickets and we were on our way to airport. My mother and sister were going to the airport with my uncle, but I were going to the airport with my cousins. So I was separated with my mother. My mother went early. My mother was a kind of people who get afraid easily so she always go early. My cousins still had something to do, the clock was still ticking and time went fast. We shocked when we looked at the clock. We were late. On our way to the airport there was an accident. The accident made us even …

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